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Planning Applications and Supporting Statements

Planning Applications

Even the most straightforward planning application can be problematic. Planning requirements now dictate that applicants must submit a number of detailed statements to support their application, the contents of which may well determine the final outcome.
I work with experienced local architects, designers, landscape architects, surveyors and related specialists to deliver your application. We are able to assemble a planning submission which offers the greatest chance of success.


I believe in pre-application discussions. Since a number of local authorities now charge for this service it is important to enter these discussions with a clear agenda and understanding of the proposal. I am able to prepare and present the case on your behalf.

Keeping You Informed

I work closely with my clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the planning process. Updating them on a regular basis and listening and responding to any questions or concerns. I will always give an open, honest and realistic opinion regarding the project.