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Planning Advice

The Planning System

The planning system in the UK is currently in transition which has led to complexities in the understanding of the planning process. I provide professional guidance and help clients navigate the intricacies of the system which currently exists.
In today’s climate local authorities value more than ever carefully considered, well-constructed and argued planning cases. I can provide that case.

Planning Policy

Current planning policy is driven by the Planning Acts and a large variety of regulations, Planning Policy Framework, Government Circulars, Best Practice Guidance and a substantial body of case law and precedent. European legislation also plays a large role in today’s system.
With over twenty years of professional experience, I understand and can navigate the complexities of this legislative framework on the client’s behalf and provide advice on the best route to take.

For those unfamiliar with the planning system preparing all the required documents and statements can be quite a daunting prospect. With my planning experience I can offer advice and guidance on whether your project needs planning consent, if it is likely to obtain it and what current national and local planning policies are relevant for it to succeed.
I can also advise on how you might modify your plans to meet the requirements of these policies. Obtaining planning permission can be a costly and lengthy process. My knowledge will help keep your time and costs down.