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Planning Appeals

When presenting a planning application to the local authority, my approach is always to negotiate with them. Occasionally the local authority may reject an application and on these occasions the applicant has the right to appeal to the Secretary of State. I will handle the appeal on behalf of the applicant.

There are three different ways of making an appeal:

Written Representations

This route is favoured for most applications. I will present your case to the Planning Inspector, who will visit the site either accompanied by representatives from both parties or occasionally unaccompanied. After consideration of the evidence, a decision is then made.

Local Hearing

This procedure involves an informal hearing where both sides and third parties can present their case verbally to the inspector. It is not, however, suitable for major or very contentious applications.

Public Inquiry

This is a formal and judicial process suitable for complex applications with a good deal of public interest. It is also the only vehicle for obtaining an award of cost against a local authority which has behaved unreasonably in refusing the application.